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The colonies were allowed to trade with other countries.

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Q: What statement does not describe the Mercantile systems in Colonial America?
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What is a colonial firearm?

A firearm from the colonial period of America. Generally a flintlock. Also the term can be used to describe any firearm in any colony.

Define colonial expansion?

In the evolution of colonialism the mercantile phase was the first one. The period between 1550 to 1700 cand be called as mercantile phase in this phase the European countries vied each other in establishing colonies they colonised Africa, Asia and Latin America eastablished trade centre there .

Why is the Chicago Mercantile Exchange important to Chicago?

it is the main mercantile exchange in America just as the New York stock exchange is the main stock exchange.

Which statement best describes the economy in Latin America during the colonial times?

European nations practiced a mercantilistic system in latin America

Describe and assess the causes consequences and phases of America's economic development during the colonial period?

Hmm... steam technology perhaps?

What country is Colonial America in?

the country that colonial America is in is new England

Did colonial America make beer?

Beer was brewed in colonial America

What was old age in colonial America?

the old age in colonial America was about 20

What was true about cities in colonial America?

Cities in Colonial America were unhealthy and crowded.

When was The Colonial Dames of America created?

The Colonial Dames of America was created in 1890.

How did the blood bank help Colonial America?

There were no transfusions and no blood bank in colonial America.

Which statement best describes a result of the scarcity of native Indian labor in Latin America during the colonial period?

larde number of african slaves were imported