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the country that colonial America is in is New England

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Q: What country is Colonial America in?
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What country was the primary colonial power in Latin America?

The primary colonial power in Latin America was the country Spain. However, the Portuguese had power over the country of Brazil.

What country did Betsy Ross live in?

Colonial America in Boston

What country has the primary colonial power of Latin America?

Spain and potugal

What is meant by colonialization?

Colonial means of or pertaining to colonies, when a settlement is under the ownership of country. It also refers to a time period, such as Colonial America.

Did colonial America make beer?

Beer was brewed in colonial America

What was old age in colonial America?

the old age in colonial America was about 20

What was true about cities in colonial America?

Cities in Colonial America were unhealthy and crowded.

When was The Colonial Dames of America created?

The Colonial Dames of America was created in 1890.

Who is the colonial?

i think you might be thinking of kernel, colonial was a period in American history. Colony means when a country sends people out and claims land as there own but is still ruled by the country that sent them. So let's recap colonial America was a time in America's past were people were sent by England. They still were citizens of England but just across the sea. I hope this helped.

Which European country concentrated their colonial efforts in North America and restricted Protestants from colonizing there?

Type your answer here... france

How did the blood bank help Colonial America?

There were no transfusions and no blood bank in colonial America.

What country held the most land in Latin America in 1800?

Spain held the most land in Latin America in 1800 through its vast colonial empire.