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Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, new jersey, north Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, and Virginia.

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Q: What states were in the US union in 1840?
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How many US states were there in 1840?


Which state entered the US in 1840?

No state was admitted into the union in 1840. Michigan was admitted into the Union on January 26, 1837 becoming the 26th state to join the Union. Florida was admitted into the Union on March 3, 1845 becoming the 27th state to join the Union.

Did US mean US or union states?

US means Unites States as in USA or the United States of America

What are the 52 states in the US of America?

There are 50 states in the union.

What were the states called that remained loyal to the US?

The Union States.

Who controlled more the confederate states or the US?

The Union States

What state was brought to the union in 1840?


Who was president of the US during 1840?

William Henry Harrison was the President of the United States during 1840. However, he died after only one month in office, making him the shortest-serving U.S. President in history.

Who was the leader of the US in 1840?

The US President in 1840 was Martin van Buren.

How many states were there in 1840 how many by 1850?

By 1840 there were 26 states making up the United States. That number had expanded to 31 states by 1850.

States that remained loyal to the US government?


Why is the union important to US history?

The Union is another way of saying the United States