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Federal system

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It set up a Republic (:

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Q: What system of government did the constitution set up?
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What does the constitution set up?

The US Constitution sets up the US government.

How is the government set-up in the Constitution?

by law

What did the constitution accomplish?

It set up a system of government and laws which allowed the branches of the government not to become too powerful. It also help pave the way for the modern government we have today.

What is the system of checks and balances and how does it relate to the US constitution?

It allows that no branch can become too powerful. It relates to the Constitution because it helps set up our government

What prevents a single group from having too much power in the government?

The Checks and Balances system set up in the US constitution.

How many branches of government does the Constitution set up?


What document how our federal government is set up?

State Constitution

Who was the constitution established for?

The constitution was established for the Federal Government. It really has nothing to do with the people, and everything to do with what the Federal Government is allowed to do, and how it is set up.

What was the main idea of the constitution?

To set up a written plan of government

What does a constitution outline?

how the government will be set up

What kind of government did the constitution of 1791 set up?

an absolute monarchy

What formal document set up the foundation and government for this country?

the constitution