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The US Constitution sets up the US government.

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Q: What does the constitution set up?
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What system of government did the constitution set up?

Federal system

How is the government set-up in the Constitution?

by law

What does article 3 of the constitution set up?


What part of constitution sets up congress?

what did the four contitutions set up

How many branches of government does the Constitution set up?


What document how our federal government is set up?

State Constitution

What was the main idea of the constitution?

To set up a written plan of government

What is the law that set up representation in congress?

The United States Constitution

What document set up a bicameral legislature?

The United States Constitution

What does a constitution outline?

how the government will be set up

What kind of government did the constitution of 1791 set up?

an absolute monarchy

What formal document set up the foundation and government for this country?

the constitution