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to veto it, to sign it into law anyways, or pocket veto the bill

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Q: What three choices does the President have if he does not a approve of a bill?
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What can a president do when does not approve of a bill?

veto it

Where do bill go if both houses of congress approve the bill?

The president

If both houses of congress approve a bill and send it to the president for her signature what can the president do to reject that bill?

Veto it.

What choices does a president have to make when a bill reaches him?

He eats the bill

Where is a bill sent if is approve after the third reading?

the president of the senate

What can the president do other than vetoing a bill?

Accept or approve it

If a president does not approve of a bill passed by congress what can he or she do?

He or she can veto it or turn it down.

If the Senate and the House of Representatives approve a bill where does it go for further approval?


How many votes is needed from congress to overturn the president if he vetoes the bill?

To overturn the president's veto of a bill 2/3rds of the congress needs to approve.

What happens after both houses of congress approve a bill by a majority vote?

The Bill is then sent to the president for his signature or veto.

What three choices does the president have if he does not approve a bill?

Veto it - that is, send it back to Congress with a statement of his objectionsdo nothing with it. ( It will still become law in 10 days unless Congress adjourns before 10 days are up.)Grit his teeth and sign it anyway. ( presumably he made it clear earlier that he did not like the bill, but it passed anyway, so he gave up the fight.)

Does the president have to approve all bills from congress?

No. If the bill is vetoed by the President the bill goes back the congress where in order for it to get passed two thirds of congress has to vote for it.