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n i g g e r p o r n

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Q: What three sources contributed to the development of a stronger Supreme Court?
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What sources would you look in to find a US Supreme Court decision one to two weeks after the case was decided by the court?

The Court Clerk would have them, newspapers, or you can look on the website below.

Explain the concept of prior restraint of the press Include one example of how the Supreme Court has ruled on this issue?

Prior restraint is an action taken to suppress something before the even event takes place. Government agencies such as the Supreme Court are the agencies who enforce such things as prior censorship. When this action is applied to news reporting sources, it is done to prevent slander and libel.

What are the legislative powers of autonomous regions?

Administrative organization;Creation of sources of revenues;Ancestral domain and natural resources;Personal, family, and property relations;Regional urban and rural planning development;Economic, social, and tourism development;Educational policies;Preservation and development of the cultural heritage; andSuch other matters as may be authorized by law for the promotion of the general welfare of the people of the region.

Where are the duties of the Supreme Court written?

Many of the duties and responsibilities of the US Supreme Court are not explicitly written in the Constitution, but can be inferred from the language describing the role of the federal courts and their jurisdiction. The majority of rules and traditions developed from other sources. The Judiciary Act of 1789 created some obligations (such as riding circuit), as have subsequent acts of Congress. The Supreme Court developed many of its own rules; others arose from tradition and the practices of British and earlier American courts. Some of the justices' responsibilities are documented both directly and indirectly in the Rules of the Supreme Court of the United States (see Related Links).

Where can you find how Justices voted on Supreme Court cases?

There are two excellent sources for locating the US Supreme Court's opinions and decisions. Justia Beta has a searchable database of all cases, by year or by volume, from 1791 to the present. The Supreme Court maintains updated records on slip opinions for the current Term that may be too new for Justia's database.Other sites, such as FindLaw and Oyez are also excellent resources, but I prefer Justia because they have logged the concurring and dissenting opinions for most cases, along with the Court decision, which helps the reader understand both sides of a case.Despite criticism often directed at it, Wikipedia is also a good site for information on cases from the Supreme Court. The articles for most cases are quite detailed, and include the details of the case, background, decision and opinions of the Court, related cases, and several other areas of importance.

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