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my mom and her big fat juicy dic he wanted in his mouth

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Q: What two things did the pharaoh's earn?
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What two things brought wealth to the Pharaohs during the New Kindom?

The two things that brought wealth to the Pharoahs were their power and their loyalty to his/her citizens

Why are thing buried with the pharaohs?

In ancient Egypt things were buried with the pharaohs as they thought they might need , these things in the next life or in the next world.

What things were carved on walls of pharaohs' tombs and why?

I cant answer it

What things were carved on the walls of pharaohs tomb?


What was most important purpose of the pyramids?

They pyramids were made to house the bodies of the pharaohs with all the things they needed in the afterlife. Later, tombs were created in the Valley of the Kings for the pharaohs and this was where Tut was found.

What was the relationship between pharaoh and gods?

Two things. The pharaohs said they were chosen by Gods, that they were Gods, and became Gods after death.

What are two things that are taken out of each pay check you earn?

taxes and social security

What did the pharaohs have?

Well, lots of things like gold and more

What was The pharaohs jobs and responsibilities?

to take care of his or her people and things

Are pharaohs from Egypt smart?

it depends because they just choose the pharaohs if they are honest, loyal and things that they could do like fight in war.

How did ancient Egyptian religion supported the power of the Pharaohs?

by bringing things to him like food, drink and jewel's.

What are 3 things the pharaohs did?

eat guard their village and walk around