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Q: What type government the Caribbean countries that were British colonies have?
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Why have some Caribbean countries chosen to remain British Colonies?

Most of these Caribbean islands are not financially wealthy enough to provide for themselves in an economically effective way. As a result, they would rather have the British government provide a stable economy, good jobs, good sanitation, and other things rather than tough it out on their own like many other Caribbean countries do.

What Caribbean countries were once British colonies?

Caribbean Countries that were once British Colonies are: Jamaica Trinidad & Tobago Barbados Bahamas 5.St. Kitts & Nevis British Virgin Islands Turks and Caicos (Although Guyana is not Geographically located in the Caribbean relations with Caribbean brethren may make it seem so. Especially since Guyana was also a British Colony.) British Honduras Now known as Belize Dominica Grenada St. Lucia

What political influences shaped the governments of British colonies?

it was the same as the BritishObviously the the governments of many former British colonies are base on the British system of government and law. That and in some instances influences that came from the original culture and religion.

Did the British government have the final say over all the colonies?

the British government had the final say over all the colonies

How many countries joined the Seven Year War?

There has been 5 countries British, French, Spain, British colonies, and french colonies.

What A different between government in Britain and government in colonies America was that the colonies?

were not represented in the british parliament

Why are countries such as Belize Guyana and Suriname considered part of the Caribbean?

Belize and Guyana as former British colonies and Suriname as a former Dutch colony have many cultural ties to islands [the West Indies] colonized by the British and Dutch in the Caribbean Sea. The Caribbean Sea washes upon Belize's coastline.All three countries belong to the economic organization Caribbean Community [CARICOM]. CARICOM's headquarters are in Georgetown, Guyana. All three countries also belong to the Association of Caribbean States [ACS]. The ACS emphasizes the Caribbean region to promote cooperation in natural disasters, tourism, trade, and transport.

What was the principle root of the American colonies conflict with the british government?

the colonies paid tax to british but had no repersenatives there

How many countries were governed by the English?

At its peak, the British Empire governed over 50 countries, territories, and colonies. These included Australia, Canada, India, South Africa, and numerous others across Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and the Pacific.

What countries helped the colonies defeat the British?

the French

How did the British Empire treat its colonies in the South Pacific differently from its colonies in India?

it allowed the colonies to become their own countries as a part of the British Commonwealth

What has the author Charles Spencer Salmon written?

Charles Spencer Salmon has written: 'The Caribbean Confederation ... A plan for the union of the fifteen British West Indian colonies' -- subject(s): Blacks, Politics and government 'The Caribbean Confederation. A Plan for the Union of the Fifteen British West Indian Colonies, Preceded by an Account of the Past and Present Condition ... and the African Races Inhabiting Them' 'The crown colonies of Great Britain' -- subject(s): Technical education, Colonies, Reciprocity (Commerce), Depressions 'The Crown Colonies of Great Britain' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Colonies, Administration