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Q: What type of government is predominated in lands controlled by Muslims?
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Who controlled the holy lands before the crusades started?

Muslims controlled it before and after. The crusades were pointless

Did the extensive lands that were controlled by Muslims hinder European trade routes to Asia?


How did the European nations interested in controlling the Muslims lands do so?

They controlled Muslim lands economically, tecnologically,and/or through military attacks.

According to the Proclamation of 1763 the government controlled all western lands?


According to the Proclamation of 1763 which government controlled all western lands?


What is a group of lands under one rule called?

A group of lands under one rule is called an empire. This term is often used to describe territories governed by a singular authority or ruler.

What are the different lands controlled by the Muslims?

There are 57 independent Muslim countries of the Muslims. Some of them are: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Gulf States, Egypt, Indonesia, Bandla Desh, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, etc.

What were the lands between the English colonies in the north and the English colonies in the south were controlled by?

the dutch controlled the lands.

What kingdoms controlled lands that today belong in France?


What did Muslims do after they conquered new lands?

Who were the shiites

How did Europeans gain control of Muslim lands?

Through imperialism.Many Muslims in Muslim land joined hands with Europeans.Europeans+Muslims ruled those lands.

The goal of the crusades was to?

to recapture holy lands from Muslims