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Q: What type of reconstruction did not wont to punish the sou?
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What does sou sou mean in french?

sou means pennyêtre sans le sou be pennilessêtre près de ses sous be careful with one's money

How do you say 'I am unique' in Portuguese?

Eu sou bacana mesmo ! Eu sou inimitável ! Eu sou legal pacas ! Eu sou inigualável !

How do you say 'I am' in Portuguese?

Eu sou, or simply sou. The verb form tells listeners that the speaker is the first person pronoun I. Eu = I. sou = am.

Where is mat-sou pit-sou?

machu picchu is in Peru

When was Sou Nishimura born?

Sou Nishimura was born in 1936.

What is the duration of Mazi sou?

The duration of Mazi sou is 3600.0 seconds.

What does yia sou mean?

yia sou means hello in greek

When was Tit Linda Sou born?

Tit Linda Sou was born in 1989.

When did Quatre Sou Quatre die?

Quatre Sou Quatre died in 1963.

When was Quatre Sou Quatre born?

Quatre Sou Quatre was born in 1904.

How do you say i am his mother in Portuguese?

Eu sou sua mãe = Eu sou a mãe dele. (dele= his)

What is portuguese for am a mechanical engineer?

If you're a man, you say " Eu sou um engenheiro mecânico" or simply "Sou engenheiro mecânico" If you're a woman, then you say "Eu sou uma engenheira mecânica", or simply "Sou engenheira mecânica"