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Well, we worked as a nation to win independence from Britain during our revolution. We also worked as a nation during the french and Indian war

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The revolutionary war

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Revolutionary War

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Q: What wars did the colonists finally band together to stand as one nation against the British government?
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Why did colonists speak out against British government?

I cant

Which did not cause the colonists to grieveances against the british government?

because they were buttheads

What type of colonists would have been unlikely to have grievances against the British government by April 1775?

All colonists would have had a grievance against the British government by April 1775. This was due to the invasions that the British troops conducted, the unfair taxation on products needed by the colonists, and other such unfair treatment that the British were passing to these people.

Who led the American colonists to rebel against British rule?

The British government taxed the American colonists to an extreme and treated them unfairly. The colonists even drew up a document stating their grievances against the King and when it was ignored they rebelled. But it was mainly taxes.

Which colonists would have been unlikely to have grievances against the British government by April 1775?

none, all colonists were highly and strictly against all the undecided taxation rules the british had layed upon the colonists without it being even addressed in the Parliament.

What colonists would have been unlikely to have grievances against the British government by April 1775?

none of the above

Why did many colonists believe that the british parliament to tax them were against their rights?

The colonists believed that since they had no representatives in the English government, That the government had no right to tax them. their rallying cry was" no taxation without representation".

Best explains how Samuel Adams was able to use propaganda to turn colonists against the British government?

He exaggerated what happened between the British soldiers and the colonists, calling it a massacre even though the colonists started it and only a few were killed.

What was the colonists grievances against the British government?

In one word - TAXES - they especially resented taxation without representation in Parliament

What did colonists do to let Parliament know they were against british taxes?

The colonists let the Parliament know that they were against british taxes by throwing british goods into the water. This was called the british tea act.

Who was against the French Indian war?

There were two sides. the french and the indians (native americans) and the colonists and the british. The french and indians worked together not against eachother.

In the American Revolution what were groups of colonists who organized protests against the British government called?

Sons of Liberty!!