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Polo and singing

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Q: What was Elizabeth Cady Stanton's hobbies?
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Who were elizabeth cady Stantons paretns?

Daniel Cady and Margert Livingston Cady (:

What color is Elizabeth cady Stantons eye?


What color is Elizabeth cady Stantons hair?


When did elizabeth cady Stantons brother die?

Eleazar Cady was born in 1827 and he died in 1847

What was elizabeth cady Stantons childhood?

who givs what her childhood was like get a life

What was elizabeth Cady Stantons purpose of her speech?

Elizabeth Cady Stanton's speech was to inform people to vote for the women's rights to vote

What is elizabeth cady Stanton hobbies?

She liked to write books and write in journals.

Is Elizabeth Cady Stanton single?

No, Elizabeth Cady Stanton is not single.

Who were the parents of Elizabeth Cady Stanton?

What was Elizabeth cady stanton mom and dad's name

What were elizabeth cady Stantons contributaions to the womens rights movement?

Read "You want women to vote, Lizzie Stanton?" It will give you all the things you need to know about her.

How many kids does elizabeth cady Stanton have?

Elizabeth Cady Stanton has 7 children

How many children does Elizabeth Cady Stanton have?

Elizabeth Cady Stanton has 7 children