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Benjamin Franklin was 81 during the convention.

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Q: What was George Washington's age during the Constitutional Convention?
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Who was in France during the Constitutional Convention?

It was Thomas Jefferson:) not George Washington!!!!!!

Why was George Washington elected as the president of the Constitutional Convention?

He won the respect of the nation during the Revolutionary War. FLVS :)

Who was America's ambassador to England during the Constitutional Convention time.?

John Adams was the United States' Ambassador to England during the Constitutional Convention

How was the three fifths Compromise related to the Constitutional Convention?

the three fifths compromise was discussed during the constitutional convention

What were George Washingtons skills during the revolution?

he was a general

Who was George Read and what did he have to do with the Constitution?

George Read 1733-1798)Represented Delaware at the Continental Congress. During the Constitutional Convention he served as president of the committee that drafted the document.

Who kept detailed diary at the Constitutional Convention?

James Madison held accurate notes during the constitutional convention

Was Pennsylvania a large state during the Constitutional Convention?


WHo was America's ambassador to England during the Constitutional Convention?

During the Constitutional Convention, America's ambassador to England was Thomas Pinckney. He was not directly involved in the convention itself, as his duties were focused on diplomacy with the British government.

What was george washingtons home during the french and Indian war?


Who is the man whose picture appears on US dollar bill?

The Leader of the Continental Army during the Revolution, and President of the U.S. Constitutional Convention, and the First President of the Constitutional United States George Washington

How were the differences settled during the Constitutional Convention in 1787?