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New York. After the Duke of York.

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Q: What was New York called befor the british took control?
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Who had control of New York during the Revolution?

The British.

What was the name of the colony that became the State of New York?

While it was under Dutch control, the colony was called New Netherlands. Under British control, it was rebranded as the Province of New York.

The first Europeans to establish a colony in what later became New York State was who?

The Dutch settled what was called New Netherlands until the British overtook it renaming the area New Amsterdam. Once the Duke of York took control of the land, it was again renamed New York.

Was New York ever called York?

No, it was New Amsterdam until it was renamed New York by the British.

What new name was given to New Amsterdam after the British took control?

New York.

Was New york originally part of British colony?

The Colony that was originally part of New York is New Jersey. This area was settle by the Dutch. New Jersey was called New Netherland and contained parts of what is now New York. New York was called New Amsterdam.

Why did the battle of long island start?

Because the British wanted to control New York and the Hudson River.

In the early years of the war control which state was vital to British military strategy to defeat the Americans?

New York

In the early years of the war control of which state was vital to British military strategy to defeat the Americans?

New York

What was new york called back then?

Before the British took over it was called New Amsterdam as it was a Dutch colony.

How did British control of new york city hurt the American revolution?

By hurting u mean injured. For the answer though, it just did.

Which US Harbor was called New Amsterdam?

New York City was called New Amsterdam by the Dutch settlers. When the English took control in 1664, they renamed it New York.