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The meaning of the word Kamakazi is "Suicide". Literally translates to "divine wind". Japanese World War II pilots who suicide bombed US warships near the end of WW 2.

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The kamikaze were suicide pilots used by Japan in World War II. They would intentionally crash their plane strategically to destroy enemy ships while killing themselves in the process.

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They were Japanese pilots, who committed suicide by crashing their planes in a desperate attempt, to stop the ships in ww2.

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a kamikaze plane is a plane that the Japanese flew by suicidal pilots to sink US naval ships

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Q: What was a Japanese Kamikaze?
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Japanese word for suicide

Why did Japanese refer to the storms as kamikaze?

The correct answer is ‘kamikaze’. The Japanese refer to two typhoons that happened in the 1200s as kamikaze, which translates as ‘divine winds’. These kamikaze saved Japan from a Mongol invasion. Kamikaze underwent a meaning change in WWII to refer to suicide attacks by pilots.

What are Japanese warrios called?

One of them are, 'Kamikaze'.

What was a Japanese Suicide attack called?


What did Japanese call kamikazi?

Kamikaze (神風)

What attack the pearl harbor?

The Japanese with Kamikaze planes

What did japanese people call the kamikaze?

"Tokubetsu Kogekitai"

Was KamiKaze pilots in World War 1?

No the Japanese Kamikaze pilots were a phenomenon of late World War II.

What was the mission of japanese kamikaze pilots?

The mission of kamikaze pilots was to sink or damage Allied aircraft carriers and capital ships

What is the phrase 'divine wind' when translated from English to Japanese?


What is a kamiikaze?

A Kamikaze is a Japanese suicide plane filled with bombs

What is a sentences for kamikaze?

A Japanese suicide pilot during WWII