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WRONG ANSWER BELOW Revere never made it to Concord and NEVER would have yelled "the British are coming " EVERYONE was British. In 1860 Longfellow wrote a poem called The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. The poem was to remind Americans of a shared history. This poem somehow has been allowed to be considered historical fact and put in schools history books. It is NOT history but a use of one event as a foundation for a poem. Revere for his part arrived to Concord late in the day after he was stopped by a British patrol and his horse taken from him. Dr. Prescott is the only one who got to Concord before the British.

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Q: What was paul revere's role in the fighting at lexington and concord?
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What was Paul reveres real name?

Paul revere

Where did the first battle in the American Revolution take place?

The first battle was fought at Lexington, where the so called 'shot heard around the world' was fired by an unknown gunman, beginning the first battle of the war. The British won this battle and marched on to Concord, where they were defeated and forced to retreat to Boston. On the way, they had to go back through Lexington, where the Revolvers were waiting to take revenge, causing another defeat for the British army.

Who were the people involved in the battle of lexington and concord?

hell I don't know NEW RESPONDENT The British raid against Lexington and Concord, ordered by Gen. Thomas Gage had the task of capturing two revolutionary leaders: John Hancock and Samuel Adams and destroying the military depot established by the Congress at Concord.

Why did colonists clash with the British at Lexington and Concord?

The British troops moved on Lexington and Concord in an attempt to seize a reported arms cache, and to attempt the capture of John Hancock and Samuel Adams. The information obtained by the British concerning the existence of the arms and the whereabouts of Hancock and Adams was good, but the two patriots were warned of the British movement by Paul Revere, and the colonials chose to stand and fight rather than retire, thus starting the war for American Independence.

Why did the british troops march from Boston into the countryside in April 1775?

to capture Paul Revere The objective of the British task force was a double one: capture the Patriot leaders John Hancock and Samuel Adams and destroy the military depot established by the Continental Congress at Concord.

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What role did Paul Reveres role in the fighting at Lexington and concord?

He played no role. He was arrested by a British patrol and his horse taken away before he got to Lexington. We only know about him because of the Longfellow poem written in the 1860's just before the civil war to remind people of their history. Dr. Prescott finished his ride to Concord to warn them that the British were coming for the hidden arms and cannon.

Who made a midnight ride to warn the people of lexington and concord?

Paul Revere made a midnight run to warn the people of Lexington and Concord. He cried to them, "The British are Coming, The British are Coming!" He never reached Concord, but told all of Lexington.

What was revere trying to do on his ride?

Paul Reveres ride was to warn Concord that the red coats are coming.

What are the cities that paul rever warnd?

Paul Revere warned concord,and lexington

Where did Paul Revere have to travel during his ride?

From Lexington to Concord

What did paul revere do after the war of lexington and concord?

shoot his wife

Where did Paul Revere begin his mudnight ride?

Lexington and Concord

Who warned everyone about the battle of Lexington concord?

Paul Revere did.

Who warned people in concord and lexington of the british attack?

Paul Revere

What cities did paul revere travel in 1775?

he traveled from lexington to concord

What did he decide to do when reaching Lexington Paul revere?

what did Paul Revere do when he reached lexington

Who rode to warm Lexington and Concord that the british were marching their way?

Paul Revere