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US President Franklin D. Roosevelt did not believe he had the authority to act quickly in case WW 2 caused a threat to the US. He felt constrained by Congress from doing what he deemed necessary to protect the US. When FDR sought to repeal the Arms Embargo Act, he informed the Senate that war might come upon the US. The Senate did not support this and claimed that there was no threat from Germany.

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President Roosevelt wanted to help Britain instead of remaining neutral.

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He said that he would keep the US out of it and never send troops overseas. After he was elected a third time, he changed his mind.

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Q: What was president Roosevelt's position on the war in Europe?
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What was president roosevelt position on the war on Europe?

President Roosevelt wanted to help Britain instead of remaining neutral.

Why was president Roosevelts 1940 lend lease program created?

Provide for the Allied Powers in war.

What is the purpose of roosevelts four freedoms speech?

To persuade Americans to accept the United States' involvement in the war in Europe

What is Roosevelts' main objective in his Four Freedoms speech?

To persuade Americans of the necessity of getting involved in the war in Europe.

What were president Roosevelts feelings toward entering World War 2?

Before December 7, 1941, President F. D. Roosevelt supported neutrality.

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President Roosevelt was Americas 26th President. During the Spanish American war Mr. Roosevelt's soldiers had the nickname of "Rough Riders."

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt was president when World War 2 began in Europe in 1939. He was still president when the United States entered the war in December 1941.

Who was the American president at the outbreak of World War 2?

Franklin Roosevelt was the US president when the US entered WW II. He was also the president when the war broke out in Europe.

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President Dwight Eisenhower was the commanding general of the victorious forces in Europe during world war 2.

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