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The constitutional issue the Civil War resolve was the right of an individual state to unilaterally legally secede from the United States. While there is still some ambiguity around the constitutionality of allowing a state to secede with the permission of the federal government, it is now final legal precedent that unilateral secession by a state is unconstitutional. It is also resolved the issue around final sovereignty in the U.S. - that is, ultimate sovereignty in the U.S. is held at the Federal level, not at the State level. Thus, it answered the question that the United States was a single sovereign nation (a Federation), and not a conglomerate of sovereign states (a Confederation).

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supremacy of Federal authority over the states

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Whether Africans or African-Americans should be enslaved or not.

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Q: What was the basic constitutional issue resolved by the civil war?
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One controversial issue in the Constitutional Conventions of the1890s was the location of the federal capital How was this issue resolved?

One controversial issue in the Constitutional Conventions of the1890s was the location of the federal capital How was this issue resolved?

What war resolved the issue of slavery?

civil war

What issue was resolved by the US Civil War?


What was the basic issue that led to civil war?


Which issue reguarding slavery was resolved at the convention?

The issue of the Three-Fifths Compromise was resolved at the Constitutional Convention, which determined how slaves would be counted for the purpose of taxation and representation in Congress. The compromise stated that each slave would be counted as three-fifths of a person for these purposes.

What was the mainconflict at the constitutional convention?

The primary conflict of the Constitutional Convention was settling how states would be represented in Congress and whether this would be an equal number or vary based on population. The Connecticut Compromise resolved this issue.

How was the issue of the neutral rights violations resolved?

How was the issue of neutral rights violations resolved

Did the presidential election of 1860 resolved the slavery issue.?

Not directly, although the election of 1860 was the pivotal first step at resolving the slavery issue. It led to a civil war which in time did resolve the issue by ending slavery.

Which constitutional question was central to the issue of Reconstruction?

During Reconstruction, the constitutional question the government was concerned about was giving African Americans the right to vote. They were also concerned about their civil rights.

What compromise at the constitutional convention ended the argument over how to count slaves for taxation and representation?

This was not an issue presented at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 in Philadelphia. It was an issue that came about later and was resolved with the 3/5 compromise. Each slave was counted as 3/5 a person for census/taxation purposes. Good Luck!

Is same-sex marriage a bigotry issue?

No, It's a civil rights issue and constitutional issue. Because according to the preamble of the constitution all men are created equal. they are also guaranteed the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You cannot have two sets of rules and standards and call it constitutional.

What were the two main issues resolved by the Civil War?

Although the Civil war wasn't started over slavery, that was the biggest issue that was resolved. The second one would be the fact that the South rejoined the North and the United States became one again.