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A revolutionary 19th century process to convert iron into high quality steel using a cauldron of molten iron and coke through which air was blown at high pressure and volume, oxidizing impurities and allowing the precise control of carbon content.

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The Bessemer Process was a method in which iron could be cheaply and efficiently converted into steel. This process was perfected by William Kelly and Henry Bessemer.

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Henry Bessemer

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Mr Bessemer and Mr Mushet.

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Q: What was the bessemer converter?
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When did bessemer invent his converter?

The Bessemer converter was patented in 1855.

What was the Bessemer steel converter?

The Bessemer steel converter is a large container in which molten iron is converted into steel. The Bessemer steel converter was invented by Henry Bessemer in 1856.

What did the bessemer converter do?

The Bessemer converter removes impurities from pig iron and produces steel.

What did Henry bessemer do?

Henry Bessemer invented the Bessemer Converter

What are the release dates for The Bessemer Steel Converter in Operation - 1902?

The Bessemer Steel Converter in Operation - 1902 was released on: USA: April 1902

When was the Bessemer Converter invented?

In the year of 1855.

What does a Bessemer Converter convert iron into?


What did Henry bessemer invent?

Answer Henry Bessemer invented The Bessemer Process or Converter. This was a cheaper and more efficient method of making steel.

Inventor of a steel making process?

That would be Henry Bessemer, inventor of the Bessemer Converter which allowed the processing of Steel on an industrial scale. The process involves the removal of impurities (an important factor in Steel manufacture) through oxidation.

Why was the Bessemer converter important?

Iron when extracted from ore is a mixture of carbon and iron. This is very brittle and shatters easily. The Bessemer converter removed the carbon by flushing molten iron with oxygen, thereby removing the carbon and yielding soft iron. The carbon content could then be adjusted creating steel, which can then be tempered to a required hardness. The Bessemer converter made steel possible and permitted major engineering advances.

Why did Henry Bessemer invent the Bessemer converter?

it finally solved the answer to nuclear explosions and made people fly and turned zombies into humans

What did Henry Bessemer do for the steel industry?

Henry Bessemer developed a way to make steel by melting and burning pig iron. Pig iron is the result of mining and refining iron ore. Before steel, he worked with glass, but his glass making process was not practical.