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The contract of work in exchange for passage to America was known as indentured servitude. A person signed a paper agreeing to work for someone a certain number of years in exchange for a ticket to the New World.

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Q: What was the contract of work for passage to America?
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Who were the workers who signed a contract to work for room and board only for up to seven years in order to pay for their passage to America?

indentured servants

What is the term for a contract in which a person agrees to work for an employer for a specific period of time?

The contract is the indenture servant program. The indenture servant would sign a contract for passage to America, In return, the indenture would work for seven years to the person or company to pay the debt.

During the 1970s the new right successfully defeated passage of the?

Contract with America

What was a form of legalized slavery?

Indentured servitude in colonial America was a form of legalized slavery where individuals would work under a contract for a set period in exchange for passage to America or other benefits.

What is the term used to describe individuals working under a form of contract labor that provided them with free passage to America in return for a promise to work for a fixed period?

Indentured survants

How did an indutured servant benefit the employer?

They signed a contract to work for 7 years for passage to the colonies.

What legislation made it possible for immigrants to have money deducted from wages to pay off passage to America?

The Contract Labor Act

English folk who agreed to sign a contract temporarily exchanging their labor for payment of their passage to America were called?

indentured servants

Who were servants that signed a contract to work for 4 to 7 years for those who paid their journey to America?

Those who have contracted themselves to work for seven years in exchange for having their passage paid to reach America are called indentured servants. They often had to work for 7 or more years.

What is an indenture servant?

People who had a contract to work in exchange for transportation and expenses (apex)

Which group agreed to work for 4-7 years in exchange for their passage to America?


What was a person called that signed a contract with a master to work for 3-7 years for a passage to a new world?

indentured servant