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Marbury v. Madison, 5 US 137 (1803)

The US Supreme Court used the power of judicial review to declare Section 13 of the Judiciary Act of 1789 unconstitutional because Congress overstepped its authority and attempted to expand the Court's original jurisdiction by allowing them to issue writs of mandamus (a court order compelling an official to take action) to US government officials.

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Q: What was the first case in which the US Supreme Court nullified a law made by Congress?
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What is origin of the federal court system?

The Supreme Court of the United States (aka US Supreme Court), which was established by the first Act (Judiciary Act of 1789) of the First Congress on September 24, 1789.

What was the significiane of the marbury vs Madison case that was argued before the supreme court in 1803?

This was the first time that the Supreme Court had declared an act of Congress unconstitutional.

What principal of government do the first three articles of the constitution establish?

president, supreme court, Congress

What principal of the government do the first three articles of the constitution establish?

president, supreme court, Congress

How can the president check the power of the Supreme Court and the congress?

Congress has the ability to overrule the President's veto power with a 2/3 majority vote. Furthermore, Congress has the power to impeach the President, and must confirm the President's choices (i.e. appointment of the Supreme Court, etc.). Congress checks the Supreme Court in a few ways as well. First of all, it has to confirm the President's appointments of Supreme Court judges. It also has the power, once again, of impeachment, and has the ability to amend the Constitution.

Which President established the US Supreme Court?

Congress (not the President) established the US Supreme Court with the Judiciary Act of 1789. President George Washington appointed the first justices to the Court in September 1789.

Who decided how many justices were on the first US Supreme Court?

Congress created the law that fixed the number of justices on the Supreme Court in 1869; the number has not changed since then. Under the US Constitution, the number of justices is not mentioned. Congress decides how many justices there shall be and has changed the number from time to time.

The Supreme Court first found an act of Congress unconstitutional in which case?

The Supreme Court of the United States found that the Judiciary Act of 1789 was unconstitutional. It was the first case declared to be so and was known as Marbury vs. Madison.

The first time the supreme court declared an act of congress null and void was the landmark case of?

maybury.vs madison

When did congress first set the number of justices on supreme court?

The number was set in 1789, but has changed over the years.

How did Congress create the US Supreme Court and federal court system?

Congress created the Supreme Court of the United States and the first "inferior courts" of the federal judiciary in the Judiciary Act of 1789, but has expanded or dismantled parts of the federal court system at various points in history via other Judiciary Acts. The only federal court Congress cannot abolish is the Supreme Court because it is mandated under Article III of the Constitution.

How were the lower federal courts established?

The Constitution established only one federal court, the Supreme Court. It left to Congress the job of creating the federal court system. Congress has created two types of federal courts, District and Courts of Appeals . It has also enacted laws dealing with the size and function of the Supreme Court.