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The Protectorate

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Q: What was the government under Oliver Cromwell in England?
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What was the government under Oliver Cromwell in England called?

The Protectorate

Oliver cromwell considered England under Charles I as full of what traits.?

Oliver Cromwell considered England under Charles I as autocratic, corrupt, and oppressive. He believed that Charles I ruled with absolute power, disregarding the rights and liberties of the people. Cromwell saw the government as highly corrupt, favoring the wealthy and aristocrats, and oppressing the commoners.

What type of government ruled England after the civil war?

The English Commonwealth was the loosely used term for the system of government after the regicide of Charles I. The rump parliament declared England a Commonwealth although by definition England was actually a Protectorate under the Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell.

What was the government under oliver cromwell called?

Cromwell created a 'commonweath' - that is the principle that the state exists for the masses and not for the king (the masses meant the merchant classes, the peasants were simply ignored). The Commonwealth principle has existed in England (and the successor states) since.

Who banned Christmas in England in the seventeenth century?

The English Puritans weren't keen on celebrating Christmas, as they regarded it as a continuation of a pagan festival. The Puritans were in control from 1649-1660.puritansim not sure but i know king Charles the second brought it back

What did the restoration include?

The restoration occured after the death of Oliver Cromwell when monarchies of Scotland, Ireland, and England were brought together again under King Charles II reinstating the monarchy in England after the English Civil War.

What was England like under oliver cromwell's commonwealth?

Quite miserable really. Cromwell banned beer, inns, theatres, Christmas, sport and make-up. He basically banned everything that was fun. If people disobeyed these rules, they could be fined, put in the stocks or put in prison!

Why was there no king or queen of England between 1649 and 1660?

Charles the first . The above does not answer the question. Charles I was executed in 1649 and England became a 'Commonwealth' under Oliver Cromwell. In 1660, Charles' son was invited back to England to become Charles II, England having become tired of the Commonwealth.

Why is this period called restoration?

The period is called the Restoration because it marks the restoration of the English monarchy, specifically the return of King Charles II to the throne in 1660 after the period of Puritan rule under Oliver Cromwell. This event brought stability and a return to traditional forms of government and society in England.

Who cancelled christmas in 17th century england?

The celebrations were banned under various acts of Parliament during the reign of Oliver Cromwell as Lord protector (1653-1658), during the cessation of the monarchy in England (1649-1660). (see the related question)

What part of history was isaac newton born into?

He was born just before England's so-called Protectorate era under Oliver Cromwell, and after that, lived his adult life during the Restoration, the reign of king Charles II.

What has the author John Prestwich written?

John Prestwich has written: 'Prestwich's Respublica, or, A display of the honors, ceremonies & ensigns of the Commonwealth under the protectorship of Oliver Cromwell' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Heraldry, Nobility