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It abolished slavery in the country.

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Q: What was the impact of the 13th amendment on American life?
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How would American life be different without the 13th Amendment?

there would still be slavery

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How is the 13th amendment be used in real life?

Every so often a person is found that is used as a slave. Slavery is against the law so that means when it is found the person who does it can be arrested. The amendment insures that slavery is illegal.

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One of the major effects has been that parents, who want expressions of religious faith to be an aspect of their childrens' educations, must send their children to private schools, as the operation of Amendment I, through its Establishment Clause, prevents this in public schools.

How has the US Supreme Court breathed new life into the 13th Amendment?

The Supreme Court in Kozminski redefined involuntary servitude as forcing a person to work by physical or legal coercion.

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