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Q: What was the interest rates when carter was president?
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What year were interest rates the highest in the US?

In 1980, under Jimmy Carter, interet rates hit 20% twice.

Does the president has the authority to set interest rates?

The President approves laws. The President does not create laws. The US Federal Reserve sets the interest rate.

During Carter's administation how did the government try to fight inflation?

The Federal Reserve began raising interest rates

Did interest rates fall during Reagan presidency?

No they were the highest they have ever been at almost 20% The above answer is entirely incorrect. Historically, interest rates in the United States have never reached as high as 20 percent. Before Reagan took office Jimmy Carter had ran up interest rates to 14.76%. When Reagan left office in 1988 interest rates were down to 10%.

When we talk of interest rates are these the borrowing rates or the lending rates?

When we talk of interest rates , we are talking of the interest rate on the total amount of money borrowed by a person.

Who was the only president to come from Georgia?

Jimmy Carter was the president from Georgia.

Is prime rates the same as interest rates?

Prime rates are the interest rates most banks charge their customers for loans while interest rates are the rates charged to borrow money and come in many forms.

Who waged a front porch campaign?

president carter president carter

Is the price at which bonds sell determined by the interaction of stated rates of interest and market rates of interest?

Yes, the price at which bonds sell are determined by the interaction of stated rates of interest and market rates of interest.

How beneficial are CD interest rates?

What is beneficial about CD interest rates is that they are constant for the specified period of time. Sometimes interest rates can go up or down but CD interest rates would stay the same.

Do interest rates rise when inflation declines?

Interest rates are simply the price of money. When inflation declines, interest rates typically decline also.

What is the benefit of fixed deposit interest rates?

Fixed deposit interest rates is a guaranteed interest rate for the entire term of an investment. They allow for the customer to earn high interest rates.