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The ghetto was like an animal cage, it contained what was inside it and limited contact with the outside world. This was ordered as part of the final solution to Hitler Jewish question. They were contained and catalogued so they could be easily tracked, produce goods for the German military and could be easily deported. However that couldn't have been the only reason for the ghettos, they spreading suffering, disease and despair. Could have it been used to weaken and kill the Jewish population? Nazis would have just considered it to be the most efficient solution but it is quite clear that the main purpose was to make the Jewish race suffer before they were killed.

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== == In many towns and cities Jews in Europe were required by law to live in the ghetto. The main purpose of this was to keep them under supervision. When outside the ghetto they had to wear a yellow Star of David on their outermost clothing. In places where there was mob violence against Jews, the ghetto to some extent provided protection. When ghettos were dissolved from the late 1790s onwards, most Jews who could do so moved out. In many cases the boundaries of the ghettos hadn't been extended for centuries, and the places had become very crowded and had often become slums. When the Nazis reintroduced ghettos from 1939-41 onwards the aim was to keep the Jews under close supervision and to reduce the Jewish population by starvation and disease. They ghettos were also close to railway stations ...

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The ghettoes were established so that the Jews were isolated from the rest of the population. The Nazis believed that all of the problems in Europe could be traced back to the Jews, so they separated them from the rest of society in order to attempt to contain the problems. The ghettoes also provided an easy collection point for the Jews when they were transported to the concentration camps.

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Q: What was the overall purpose of the ghettos during the Holocaust?
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What was the ghettos purpose in Europe during the holocaust?

The purpose of the ghettos was to separate Jews from the rest of society.

What purpose did ghettos fulfill during holocaust?

Their purpose was to contain and confine the Jews.

What were three different types of ghettos in the Holocaust?

There were Closed, Open, and Destruction ghettos during the Holocaust..

Where was the first Holocaust Ghetto in Germany?

there were no Jewish ghettos in Germany during the Holocaust.

When did ghettos begin to receive Jews during the holocaust?


Where were the female prisoners during the holocaust?

Ghettos with the children and men.

How and when did the ghetto get destroyed?

There were many, many ghettos during the Holocaust. Which are you referring to?

What was the currency in the ghettos during the holocaust?

usually the currency of the country that the ghetto was in.

Would the ghettos during the holocaust count as a success or a failure?


What were the ghettos and what was their purpose?

the reason for the ghettos was to have a place to stay during the rough it wasn't much but they made due

Who put a stop to Jewish Ghettos during the Holocaust?

The Nazis themselves 'put a stop to Jewish ghettos during the Holocaust' because they liquidated them all: in other words, the inhabitants were sent to extermination camps. The last ghetto to be liquidated was Lodz in August 1944.

What was a ghettto during the holocaust?

The (Jewish) ghettos were sections of certain towns and cities which were segregated for the habitation of Jews.