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the puritan government is religion and law were the same thing and if you didn't obey you were kicked out look to to find more

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Q: What was the puritan's government?
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Did the puritans have a representative government?


What type of government did the puritans believe in?


How did the puritans religion affect their government?

The religion was the foundation for their beliefs and colonial government.

Compare the way the English government treated the Puritans with the way the Puritans treated Anne Hutchinson. How are they similar?

Not good

Why did the puritans establish a government?

1620 in Mass when they landed they wrote the Mayflower Compact and this was their government.

What type of society did the puritans want to create?

Self government

Did the puritans or pilgrims make rules of self-government?


How where the puritans thoughts about government and education similar to ours today?

there where fair

What type of religious society did the puritans want to create?

self government

Why did the Puritans sign the Mayflower Compact?

The Mayflower Compact stated that the Puritans would follow the rules of the government. They didn't arrive where they originally intended so the rules of England did not apply. The Compact was created to assure the half of the ship's passengers who were not Puritans that the government of the colony would be elected, not imposed on them.

What represents the Puritan idea and practice of government?

Puritans believed that the government should strictly enforce their ideas of morality and human behavior, which were inspired by Catholic beliefs. The Puritans had a rather strict interpretation of morality and laws.

Was the new england colonial government ran by puritans?

This only happened in Massachusetts.