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It has been called the "Seven Weeks War" or the "Austro-Prussian War".

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Seven Weeks' War (in 1866)

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Q: What was the war between Prussia and Austria called?
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What was Prussia's part during world war 2?

Well, Prussia's part during World War II was nothing... Russia played a huge role in WWII

What caused the 7 years war?

The Seven Years' War may be viewed as a continuation of the War of the Austrian Succession, in which King Frederick II of Prussia had gained the rich province of Silesia. Empress Maria Theresa of Austria had signed the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle (1748) only in order to gain time to rebuild her military forces and to forge new alliances, which she did with remarkable success. The political map of Europe had been redrawn in a few years. During the so-called Diplomatic Revolution of 1754, century-old enemies France, Austria and Russia formed a single alliance against Prussia. Prussia had the protection only of Great Britain, whose ruling dynasty saw its ancestral Hanoverian possession as being threatened by France. In Great Britain's alliance with Prussia the two powers complemented each other. The British already had the most formidable navy in Europe, while Prussia had the most formidable land force on continental Europe, allowing Great Britain to focus its soldiers towards its colonies. The Austrian army had undergone an overhaul according to the Prussian system. Maria Theresa, whose knowledge of military affairs shamed many of her generals, had pressed relentlessly for reform. Her interest in the welfare of the soldiers had gained her their undivided respect. The second cause for war arose from the heated colonial struggle between the British Empire and French Empire which, as they expanded, met and clashed with one another on two continents. oh and you suck :p

What was the name of the war between America and England in 1812?

American revolutionary war and or it can just be called the American revolution

What caused the seven years war?

The Seven Years War came about due to competition among the powers in Europe. Britain competed with France and Spain for colonies and trade. Austria struggled with Prussia for Holy Roman Empire dominance. The war consisted of multiple sieges and towns being torched. The war ended with the Treaty of Paris, with Britain coming out of it far ahead of the others.

What country did Maria Theresa rule?

Austria, Hungary, Bohemia, and the Habsburg dominions. In the War of the Austrian Succession (1740-48), she lost Silesia.

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What two major powers emerged in Europe at the end of the Thirty Years War?

Austria and Prussia

What war was between Prussia and Denmark in 1864?

The Second Schleswig War began on February 1, 1864 when Prussia crossed into Schleswig. It was fought between Denmark, Prussia and Austria.

Who was the seven-year war was between?

Austria, France, and Russia vs Britain and Prussia

The seven year war was between?

Austria, Russia, and France vs Britain and Prussia

What was the war Prussia and Austria called?

It was called the Seven Weeks War or the German Civil War. Fought in 1866

How did The rivalry between Austria and Prussia began when the Hohenzollerns Prussia's ruling family?

Frederick II was the King of Prussia and a member of the House of Hohenzollern. He started the three wars between Austria and Prussia known as the Silesian wars, by attempting to claim Silesia and declaring war on the ruler of Austria over it.

How did Austria and prussia emerge from the Thirty Years War?

Austria and Prussia emerged and rose to power.

What war was know as the Seven Years War?

The Seven Years War is also known as the French and Indian War , the Pomeranian War (between Sweden and Prussia, 1757-62) , the Third Carnatic War (Indian subcontinent, 1757-63) and the Third Silesian War (between Prussia and Austria, 1756-63) .

What countries did France declare war on in 1792?

Great Britain, the Dutch Netherlands, Spain, Austria, and Prussia Great Britain, the Dutch Netherlands, Spain, Austria, and Prussia Great Britain, the Dutch Netherlands, Spain, Austria, and Prussia Great Britain, the Dutch Netherlands, Spain, Austria, and Prussia Great Britain, the Dutch Netherlands, Spain, Austria, and Prussia Great Britain, the Dutch Netherlands, Spain, Austria, and Prussia Great Britain, the Dutch Netherlands, Spain, Austria, and Prussia

Prussia went to war against Denmark jointly with?

Prussia went to war with Austria and beat Denmark

What was the result of the war between Austria and Prussia?

Austria left the German Confederation. After leaving the Confederation, Austria began to amass its own empire, eventually known as Austria-Hungary.

What was the Seven Weeks' War?

It is a nickname for the war fought in 1866 between Prussia on the one hand and Austria and most of the other German states on the other. Prussia's key aims were: * To expel Austria from Germany * To achieve supremacy in Germany * To establish the North German Confederation The war was a devatating defeat for Austria.