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Madison was the note keeper of the constitution. Because of his detailed notes we know about the constitution and everything that went on as it was written. He is called the Father of the constitution.

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Q: What was unsual about the way James Madison sat?
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Madison became the capital city of Wisconsin in 1837, named after President James Madison. This city was chosen because it was located half-way between two rapidly growing cities: Milwaukee in the east and Prairie du Chien in the west.

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When he died he was the last person to have been involved in the writing of the constitution. After him no one could ask why something was written the way it was.

Who pushed for the constitutional convention?

The delegates at the Annapolis Convention - namely Alexander Hamilton, who wrote the report calling for the Constitutional Convention. James Madison supporters, however, might beg to differ, but either way it was Hamilton and Madison who pushed for the convention.

What places did James Madison lived?

Background: Madison was born to Colonel James Madison and Eleanor Rose Conway in Port Conway, Virginia. His parents were slave owners and also owners of a tobacco plantation in Orange County. His parents believed in the Church of England, which was the way Madison was raised. He went to the College of New Jersey and went on to study with John Witherspoon. From 1776-1779, Madison served in the Virginia state legislature. Madison then put together the Virginia Plan, which created the three-branch system and is still used till this day. He also became part of the United States House of Representatives. Madison's amendments that he ratified then became the Bill of Rights.

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