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Commander In Chief of Continental Army (Commanding General)

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Q: What was washingtons army title?
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Where did washingtons troops trap Cornwallis's army?


Did Washingtons army cross any waterways?

yes they did

Where did washingtons troops trap Cornwallis's army at?


What is George Washingtons name of the army he is in?

If I understand you correctly... he was Commander-In-Chief of the Continental Army.

Why did gerge Washingtons army fight?

Learn to spell, then google it.

What Hardships Washingtons army face at Valley Forge?

You mamam

What was washingtons greatest challenge at Valley Forge?

keeping his army together

What was george washingtons challenges in creating a army?

none da people

What pair of brothers led Britain's resistance to washingtons army?


George Washington's strongest quality as commander of the Continental Army was?

george washingtons strongest points were killing the army

What is George Washingtons's occupation?

Surveyor, Plantation owner and Officer in British Army

What was washingtons reaction to whiskey rebellion?

i think he sent an army out to crush the resistance