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There were several factors in the American revolution that gave the patriots an advantage over the British. Three of these were:

The use of guerrilla warfare. This gave the Americans a huge advantage over the British, who were used to fighting in formation across open fields. The Americans were able to use hit-and-run tactics to ambush supply lines, troops on the move, and other British targets, and then retreat, suffering much fewer casualties than if they would have met the British on an open field of battle.

They also used their superior knowledge of the countryside and areas where they fought. They could lead a British patrol into a bog or swamp and have very little problem picking them off.

Another factor is the British Army's complete superiority in arms and manpower. This may seem like a disadvantage, but the British generals were so overconfident because no country had dared to fight Britain in a hundred years, because of the overwhelming firepower and superior tactics that would be brought down upon them.

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They had no single strategic center, so they were able to continue fighting if the British sized major cities. Could easily replace troops, and had knowledge of the land. Excellent group of officers and occasional guerrilla warfare. They had help from France, Spain and Germany, Marquis De Lafayette, Bernardo De Galvez and Johann De Kalb. They were fighting for their homes and families. Could encourage and sustain loyalty to the patriots.

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Factors that helped the patriots win the war

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Q: What were 3 factors to the patriot victory in the revolutionary war?
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