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Q: What were Johnson's Reconstruction strategies?
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Did Frederick Douglass support president Johnsons reconstruction program?


What was the main idea of Andrew johnsons reconstruction plan?

Jamehl Wiley

Which group did President Andrew Johnsons Reconstruction efforts affect MOST positively?

Carpetbaggers and scalawags gained the most from reconstruction.

Under President Andrew Johnsons Reconstruction plan, which of the following are true?


What are the similarities Lincoln's and Johnson's reconstruction?

Lincoln's and Johnsons reconstruction plans both focused on pardoning the confedrate states and restoring the union quickly.

What was a part of president Andrew johnsons reconstruction plan?

The states in the South had to ratify the Thirteenth Amendment.

Republicans in congress easily overrode johnsons vetoes and took charge of reconstruction during?


What did president Johnsons plan for reconstruction require?

wealthy planters and confederate leaders to aplly for pardons- novanet

Both Lincolns and Johnsons reconstruction plans shared an intent to?

Restore the southern states as quickly as possible.

What happened under president johnsons plans for reconstruction?

frican Americans' rights were limited by black codes

What did congress take to support southern African Americans?

congress overturned johnsons vetoes on major reconstruction legislation

Why did Andrew johnsons reconstruction policies lead to his impeachment?

Johnson's policies went against the wishes and plans of Congress.