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He supported state's rights, at least thats all that I know at the moment.

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Q: What were Robert Y Hayne views of states rights?
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What was Henry clay's views on states's rights?

He was in favor of a strong state's rights.

What is the biggest difference between the nationalistic and the states' rights views of federalism?


What were Robert yates views on slavery?

Robert Yates was a prominent anti-federalist during the founding era, and his views on slavery were largely ambiguous. While he did not openly advocate for abolition, he did express concerns about the institution of slavery conflicting with the principles of liberty and equality. His stance on slavery was influenced by his commitment to states' rights and his opposition to centralized government control.

Which of these is the most significant difference between the nationalistic and the states' rights views of federalism?

the ways in which social and economic problems are solved

What were Alexander Hamilton's views on states rights?

he thought that state governments can not have too much power

Why did Johnson consider the civil rights bill unconstitutional?

The civil rights bill asserted, that the civil rights of the citizen were to be protected by the federal courts against the laws of the state in which he lived. Johnson, with his states' rights views, was forced to veto the bill.

What was Robert Kennedys religious views?

He was a Catholic.

Which was a common complaint by anti-Federalist about the constitution during the ratification debate?

States' powers were being threatened in their views

The debate over states rights and the supremacy of the national government became increasingly important between 1820 and 1860 because of opposing views on?


What was John F. Kennedy's views for the civil rights?

JFK was for and fought for civil rights.

When did the Confederate conscription laws begin?

On April 9, 1862, Confederate President Jefferson Davis requested the Confederate Senate to pass the first conscription laws. This action troubled the a number of states with strong states rights views.

What statements reflect northern but not southern views in 1860?

Northern views in 1860 included opposition to the spread of slavery into new territories, support for industrialization and modernization, and a belief in the importance of preserving the Union. Southern views, on the other hand, included support for states' rights and the institution of slavery, as well as a belief in secession as a constitutional right.