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one is micha

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Q: What were famous colonial blacksmith names?
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How did the blacksmith get his job?

how did colonial blacksmith "James Anderson get his job?"

How is a colonial time blacksmith related to a blacksmith today?

a dentist

What was a Vulcan in Colonial Times?

A blacksmith

What tools did the colonial blacksmith use?

Colonial Blacksmiths are known to be the most important job in history & if you had a toothache (if your dad was a colonial blacksmith) he would get his tongs and pull out the tooth that is hurting.

Did you have to train to be a blacksmith in colonial times?

yes you did.

What site is colonial blacksmith facts about?

Try Colonial Blacksmith: The Most Important Man in the VillagePretty much every thing you could want to know about them!

What did a blacksmith do in colonial North Carolina?

A blacksmith in colonial North Carolina fabricated metal parts for equipment. He would also create shoes for riding and work horses. A blacksmith would also do repair work on equipment.

What are famous postcolonial names?

colonial names are names that people had in colonial times. SOme include George Washington, thomas Jefferson, john Adams, Abigail Adams, and Benjamin Franklin and mary

What were the most important jobs during the colonial period?

the blacksmith

How did a blacksmith find a helper in colonial America?

apprentice apprentice

Do colonial blacksmiths have apprentece's?

Yes, colonial blacksmiths often had apprentices who would learn the trade by working closely with the skilled blacksmith. The apprentice would assist with tasks, learn techniques, and eventually become a journeyman blacksmith before potentially becoming a master blacksmith themselves.

How old did you have to be to be a blacksmith in the colonial times?

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