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Q: What were introduced in southern states after reconstruction to circumvent this amendment?
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How did the southern states get around the 14th amendment during Reconstruction Era?

Southern states implemented a variety of tactics to circumvent the 14th Amendment during the Reconstruction Era. They enacted black codes, which restricted the rights of former slaves, imposed poll taxes and literacy tests to disenfranchise African Americans, and sometimes resorted to violence and intimidation to prevent them from exercising their newly granted rights. These measures effectively undermined the intent of the 14th Amendment in the South.

Johnson's plan for Reconstruction required Southern legislatures to do what?

abolish slavery and ratify the Thirteenth Amendment.

Johnson's plan for Reconstruction required Southern legislatures to?

abolish slavery and ratify the Thirteenth Amendment.

What did southern whites use to disenfranchise African American during reconstruction?

Poll taxes and literacy tests

What was president johnson plans for reconstruction?

Johnson's Reconstruction plan required Southern states to ratify the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery. His other goal was to create national unity.

Process whereby southern states were readmitted into the union?


How did congress make certain that southern states followed laws of reconstruction?

such monkey balls......

What group of actions by southern whites were reactions to the Reconstruction Acts?

Penis is what you are looking for :p lol jk, the answer to this is: 13th Amendment, the Civil Rights Act of 1866, Tenure of Office Act

What were southern military leaders not allowed to do during reconstruction?

Southern military leaders weren't allowed to hold office during reconstruction.

How did southern economy change after reconstruction?

The South had developed a more balanced economy after Reconstruction

In what year did the Southern Reconstruction end?

In 1896

Southern politics after reconstruction was dominated?

Southern white Republicans 'scalawags'