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This was the same year that the Boston tea party occured. The stamp act was one.

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Q: What were the colonist laws of 1773?
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What were the effects of Britain passing the Tea Act of 1773?

colonist have to pay taxes

Why were the colonist not pacified by the discount cost of tea after the Tea act of 1773?

Answer: the revolution was assured tons of tea were thrown out

What was the unintentional effect of the harsh tax laws passed by Parliament between 1763 an 1773?

Tax Laws

Who enforced laws that colonist had to obey?


British laws of 1773?

i think that they are the same as the colonial laws which include stamp act sugar CT, AND ETS.

How did colonist protest against British laws and regulations?


British laws in 1773?

There the tax law about everyone had to play tax or would be killed

Why were colonist angered Britain's new colonial tax laws?


What was the unintentional effect of the harsh tax laws passed by parliament between 1763 and 1773?

The American Revolution

What were child laws like in 1773?

It is doubtful that there were any. Children weren't considered the subject of legal discussion.

What term was used to describe a colonist who resisted British tax laws?


What are laws dictated by the Britain for the colonist for the Boston tea party?

intolerable acts