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Two of the key issues during the Constitutional Convention were slavery and how the president would be elected. One was decided and one was tabled.

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Whether the new national government should be more or less powerful than the Confederation government

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Q: What were the key issues of the Constitutional Convention?
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What issues were resolved at the constitutional convention?

slavery and the deffinition of a citizen

What key conflicts emerged at the Constitutional Convention?

Representation, population!

How were major issues debated at the Constitutional Convention?

I think it was the Articles of Confederation?

The was held to discuss trade and navigation issues but also issued a call for a constitutional convention?

Annapolis Convention

What group was responsible for the creation of the us government?

The Constitutional Convention

The fundamental issue raised at the Constitutional Convention was?

The fundamental issue that was raised at the constitutional convention was slave trade and human rights abuses. Those were the issues that were strife then.

What were the key conflicts in the constitutional convention?

the delegates from the states were arguing and could not agree

How did the Constitutional Convention deal with slavery?

The Constitutional Convention dealt with slavery issue in a conclusive manner. The addressed the rights of the slaves and their right to own property among other contentious issues.

Which of these issues had the potential to end the constitutional convention without solving any problem?

Slave Trade

When was the Constitutional Convention held?

The Constitutional Convention began on May 25, 1787 and ended on September 17.The Constitutional Convention is also known as the Federal Convention, the Philadelphia Convention, and the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

What was the meeting in Philadelphia in may of 1787?

The Constitutional Convention, where the modern day Constitution for the United States was written.

What role did George Washington play in constitutional convention?

In 1787 Washington's concerns about the disintegration of the nation prompted him to serve as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. He presided over the convention, and his support was key to ratification of the newly proposed Constitution.