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Q: What were the men roles in the New England colonies?
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What did the founding father for the united state do?

There were 55 men who are considered "founding fathers " and a majority were lawyers. Many were wealthy planters who had plantations and business men. They were the upper class of the colonies and the wealthiest men in the colonies. 90% of the colonies were farmers so this group of men were all ready the leaders in their home areas.

What percent of delegates were English?

56 men from all over the colonies signed the Declaration of Independence.Of these:-3 were from Delaware (Read, Rodney, and McKean, all born in the colonies)-9 were from Pennsylvania (Clymer, Franklin, Rush, Morton, and Ross, all born in the colonies, R.Morris, born in England, J. Smith and Taylor, born in Ireland, and Wilson, born in Scotland)-5 were from Massachusetts (J. and S. Adams, Hancock, Gerry, and Paine, all from Massachusetts)-3 were from New Hampshire (Whipple and Bartlett, from the colonies, and Thornton, from Ireland)-2 from Rhode Island (Ellery and Hopkins, both from Rhode Island)-4 from New York (L. Morris, Livingston, and Floyd, all from New York, and Lewis, from Wales)-3 from Georgia (Gwinnett, from England, and Walton and Hall, from the colonies)-7 from Virginia (R.H. and F.L. Lee, Harrison, Braxton, Jefferson, Wythe, and Nelson, all Virginians)- 3 from North Carolina (Hooper, Hewes, and Penn, all colonial)- 4 from South Carolina (Rutledge, Lynch, Heyward, and Middleton, all South Carolinians)-5 from New Jersey (Clark, Hopkinson, Stockton, and Hart, all colonial men, and Witherspoon, from England)-4 from Connecticut (Sherman, Huntington, Wolcott, and Williams, all from the colonies)-4 from Maryland (Carroll, Chase, Paca, and Stone, all Marylanders)This gives a total of:-48 native Colonial men,-3 Englishmen (R. Morris, Gwinnett, and Witherspoon)-3 Irishmen (J. Smith, Taylor, and Thornton)-1 Scotsman (Wilson), and-1 Welshman (Lewis)For percentages of:-85.7% Colonial-5.36% English-5.36% Irish-1.79% Scottish-1.79% Welsh

List the colonies that the signers of the declaration represented?

The signers of the Declaration of Independence came from all thirteen of the original British colonies. There were fifty-six men in total, and they came from Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Rhode Island, and Virginia.

What is the declaration mainly about?

The England brought taxation to our united colonies. So, we rebelled against them which they didn't enjoy. Our country had the idea to write a paper that included subjects about our freedom of natural laws and being able to realize that men and women are all equal.

These men were responsible for founding the colonies of Pennsylvania Georgia New Jersey Connecticut and Rhode Island?

Roger Williams- Rhode Island William Penn- Pennsylvania James Oglethorpe- Georgia john Berkly- New Jersey Thomas Hooker- Connecticut

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What were the roles of men in the New England Colonies?


Colonial life in america compared to england?

Men and women's roles in America were almost the same as their roles in England, but the colonies were very isolated from England. In America, the colonists had to worry about Indian attacks, and slavery. There were poor families in England,but no slaves. Men outnumbered women in the American colonies,and the mortality rates were much higher in America than England.

What governments did New England colonies had?

The new England colonies had democratic government because many men got to vote on who to run the colony

What races were in the New England Colonies?

English men & woman

What were the roles of men in the colonies?

they had to hunt

What was the churches influence on the government effect the new England colonies?

New England colonies were Purtians and the effect was that only white men who owned land and were members of the church and were 21 could vote.

Did the middle colonies have the highest literacy rate for white men?

No. In New England, 85 percent of white men were literate. In the Middle Colonies, 65 percent of white men were literate, and in the Southern Colonies, about 50 percent were.

What were the roles of women in Chesapeake colonies?

The women in the Chesapeake colonies made men actually think and helped with reproduction. No, I will not explain the reproduction process.

Economy of New England Colonies?

In the 17th Century, New England's economy was just getting started. There were several companies that sent men and women to New England to work in the logging industry in the late 1500's. Many of the men did not do the work they were asked to do, so the companies did not prosper at first.

What were the roles of men in New Hampshire colony?

growing crops

Was the sons of liberty a group of men from Boston and othernew England colonies?

Sons of Liberty was organized by Sam Adams the cousin of John Adams. Sam was the biggest smuggler in the colonies and the man who backed him was Hancock . They were in New England and Boston and used the coves and coastlines to bring in goods off of ships. There was a total of 350 men who were on the roster for the group.

How did the colonists in the new world make their political institution more democratic?

A greater percentage of men could vote in the colonies than could vote in England -Plato