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Roger Williams- Rhode Island

William Penn- Pennsylvania

James Oglethorpe- Georgia

john Berkly- New Jersey

Thomas Hooker- Connecticut

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Q: These men were responsible for founding the colonies of Pennsylvania Georgia New Jersey Connecticut and Rhode Island?
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How did the US acquire Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania was one of the original 13 colonies. As such, Pennsylvania was not acquired but one of the founding states of the United States.

Who are the individuals or groups responsible for the founding of the middle colonies?

the British army (their men)

How did the founding fathers get to Connecticut?

they got there by ship

Who was the founding member of Connecticut?

Anthony Cornwell

Where was Connecticut founded?

Connecticut was founded in colonial times. The founding location was near what is today known as the Connecticut river.

Is Thomas Hooker the founding father of Connecticut?


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What led to the founding of Pennsylvania?

ask your mom she was there

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What was the purpose of founding all the colonies?

The main purpose of founding the American Colonies was for the economic benefit and prestige of the mother country, through a system of mercantilism.

How was Pennsylvania's founding funded?

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