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Q: What were the reasons democracy failed following most Latin America revolutions?
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The Reasons for Democracy's and Republicans to be decentralized?

reasons for democracy

Transportation and communication systems are not highly developed in Latin America for all the following reasons except?


What are some other reasons why the English came to America?

Freedom of religion....freedom from imposed taxes....{that is funny}...but most of all to form a democracy and leave a monarchy..

What event during 1849 and 1850 caused the immigrants to come to America?

In the aftermath of the failed revolutions of 1848-49 a number of liberals fled to the U.S., especially from Central Europe. However, at that time migration was already in full swing anyway. So, there is room for debate as to how many 'extra' migrants went to America for political reasons at the time. (Large scale migration from the German-speaking lands grew sharply from about 1830 onwards, and is often cited as one of the reasons for the establishment of the Hamburg-America Line (HAPAG) in 1847. This predates the failed revolutions).

What are some reasons to start a democracy?

Dictatorial weakness.

Reasons given for higher voter turnout includes?


What Are political reasons for manifest destiny?

Slavery, Political, and Democracy.

Reasons why development is not following expected pattern?

reasons why children development is not following expected patterns

What are some Political reasons for Manifest Destiny?

Slavery, Political, and Democracy.

The framers of the constitution understood democracy and republic to mean different things Explain this difference and identify which concept the framers favored?

The Founders of the United States strongly favored republican government over democracy for a variety of reasons. Fundamentally, however, they were suspicious of pure 'rule by the people' (which is democracy) because of its instability and difficulty alike; they deliberately chose instead to establish America as a republic, which combines some features of democracy with parliamentarian (and oligarchic) government for the sake of a 'representative democracy.'

The American Declaration of Independence used in other revolutions around the world?

because it gave reasons for changes in the principles of government

Which of the following is one of the reasons why so many slaves were brought from Africa to be used on plantations in North and South America?

There were not enough people to work on the plantations in the Americas.