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What were the results of the Civil War on southern society economy agriculture and political structure?"

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Q: What were the results of the Civil War on southern society economy agriculture and political structure?
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How was agriculture a problem in the economy?

In the early 1900's many farmers were overproducing which meant they were flooding the economy with their goods. Farmers were then slowly decreasing the price of their goods so that the government had to intervene with groups such as The Agricultural Adjustment Act, which paid farmers not to farm. Agriculture was, back then, a major part of the economy.

What was the state of the southern economy after the civil war?

The State of the South after the Civil War wasn't its best. It's economy greatly suffered and needed reconstruction.

Why was the tariff of 1828 called the tariff of abomination?

It was labeled the Tariff of Abominations by its southern detractors because of the effects it had on the antebelum Southern economy.

How did the Civil War weaken the Southern Economy?

During the Civil War, the Southern economy was severely weakened by a blockade that the North (the Union states) placed on the Southern ports. The North sent their ships on the Confederacy's coast lines to block their exits while also blocking any trade or imports. The imports and trades were a very important part of the Southern economy because that was how they made money on their many crops. If they harvested their crops and did not want to sell them to the North and were not able to sell it to other countries via trade ports, then they lost profits with time.

What is the political structure of China?

Dating back to the Hsia dynasty (2200-1750 BC), ancient China was a top-down government. At the top was a monarch, often ruling as a dictator. The economy of ancient China was based on agriculture. A monarch or emperor employed a large staff of military, farming, construction, and textile workers. About 200 BC, a system of civil service was introduced. In order to become a civil servant, people had to take qualification tests for positions in government. The better they did on the tests, the higher position they could get in the civil service.

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Was the economy of the Middle Colonies characterized by plantation agriculture?

The economy of the Middle Colonies was not characterized by plantation agriculture. The Southern Colonies had an economy based on plantation agriculture.

What were two industries in the southern economy?

agriculture and indigo

What did the Southern Colonies base their economy on?


The southern colonies developed an economy based on?

C. Agriculture

What was the southern colonies economy?

The Southern Colonies' economy relied heavily on slave work and agriculture, typically the production of cotton.

What were the economies of the northern southern and western states based?

Northern was the economy based on manufacturing, southern was the economy based on agriculture, and western is emerging economy

How was the economy in the Southern Colonies?

The southern American colonies had an economy based on agriculture. The climate and soil of the southern colonies were ideal for growing cotton and tobacco.

What way of life did the southern colonies have?

The economy was very dependent on agriculture.

What was the economy of southern colonies based on?

Agriculture more specifically Cotton

Why did the agriculture become the main focus of the economy in the southern colonies?


What did the southern colonies way of life?

The economy was very dependent on agriculture.

Why were there more farmers in the southern colonies than in the nouthern colonies?

The southern economy was based on agriculture, while the northern economy was based on industry.

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