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Lincolns 10% plan is one

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Q: What were three reconstruction plans after the Civil war?
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What were the three plans for reconstruction after the civil war in 1865?

Lincoln's Reconstruction plan, Johnson's Reconstruction Plan and the Radical Republicans in Congress Reconstrucion plan

What is the period of reconstruction?

The Reconstruction Era was the period of time that began after the US Civil War. The plans to reunite the USA were controversial and bitter.

What were three stages of reconstruction after the civil war?

Presendential Congressional Southern

After the civil war what was the period of rebuilding the South called?

Reconstruction was what the period of rebuilding the south was after the civil war.

What is the name given to the period immediately following the Civil War?

The years immediately after the US Civil War were known as the ReconstructionReconstruction

What was the reconstruction in the 1800s?

What was Reconstruction of the civil war times

Whose reconstruction plan was toughest to the South after the US Civil War?

The reconstruction plans sought by the Radical Republicans were designed to punish the South for the US Civil War. US President Johnson, who battled with the Radicals, had a more lenient plan for reuniting the North and the South.

What caused the reconstruction era to start?

The Reconstruction Era occurred right after the civil war. So the civil war caused the reconstruction era to begin.

Are there plans for another Civil War?

No, there are no plans in America for a civil war, nor is there any need to have a civil war.

What happened to Virginia cities after the Civil War and Reconstruction?

What happened to Virginia's cities after the Civil War and Reconstruction?

What were the years after the civil war known as?

The reconstruction

What refers to the rebuilding of the country after the Civil War?

Reconstruction is a word that refers to post-war rebuilding.Reconstruction is the term for the period of rebuilding after the Civil War.