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Q: What were the three main presidents during the reconstruction era?
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What was the main cash crop of south during reconstruction?

Cotton was the main cash crop of the South during the Reconstruction Era.

What is the presidents main job?

The president's main job is to carry out the laws that are passed during his/her term in office.

What were the problems during the Reconstruction Era?

There was lots of problems the main problems was the mistreatment of the African American population during this period.

What are the three main US Presidents that were involved in the Vietnam War?

Kennedy - Johnson - Nixon .

What was Lincoln's main vision for reconstruction?

the main idea of reconstruction is to rejoin the south and the north.

What were the three main campaign themes of the Democrats in 1876?

Southern reconstruction, Republican corruption, and economic hard times.

What was Lincolns main goal in reconstruction?

he died a week after the war ended...he reallly didn't get to see the reconstruction of our nation.

What was lincolns goal in reconstruction?

the main idea of reconstruction is to rejoin the south and the north.

What main advantages did the African American slave enjoyed during reconstruction?

African American slaves enjoyed a period when they were allowed to vote. :-)

What were the main aims of reconstruction?

to reconstruct.

What are the two main methods of performing breast reconstruction after mastectomy?

The method used for performing breast reconstruction is based on the preference of the patient. The reconstruction can be done by immediate reconstruction, where reconstruction occurs in the same time period in which mastectomy is done, or by delayed reconstruction, where reconstruction of the breast is done after mastectomy.

Who is the presidents main helper?