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Q: What would creole revolutionaries tend to be democratic?
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Name the two main political parties found in the US today?

The two main political parties found in the US today are the Republicans and the Democrats. Members of the Independent Party tend to caucus with the Democrats.

What is the difference between government and regime?

"Government: 'A group of people within the state who have the ultimate authority to act on behalf of the State. - (Phillips Shively)"Regime: 'The set of rules, norms, and institutions that determine how government is constituted, how organized, and how its major decisions are made.(One embodiment of a regime: a constitution)'Some core features:The state: organization, territory, and force.The government: peopleThe regime: rulesArgentina and 'Regime Change'•1946 democratic•1955 military•1958 democratic•1962 military•1963 democratic•1966 military•1973 democratic•1976 military•1983 to the present: democratic"In common usage, people tend to say "regime" to refer to a government that they strongly disagree with or dislike.

What political party opposed a national bank?

Thomas Jefferson's Democratic Republicans were opposed to a national bank. They thought that it would give the Federal government too much power and lead to manipulation of the economy by the government. Cycles of inflation and deflation occur naturally in a free market, but a national bank would allow the government to artificially create and control inflation and deflation by controlling the money supply. They were also concerned that it would tend to help manufacturing industries in the cities rather than agricultural plantations.

What is a political orientation that favors social progress by reform and changing laws rather than by revolution?

Generally speaking, that would be those of a Progressive bent (sometimes mis-labled Liberals). They seek change within the system. Those of a Conservative bent tend to want to preserve the existing system as is. Revolutionaries (or Radicals) generally seek to throw out the whole system and start fresh with a new one.If you're on OdysseyWare, the answer is: liberalism

What are four factors that tend to influence party choice?

It is usually occupation (your money income, type of job, etc. Low income people tend to be democrats while richer people usually are republican) Family (most people follow their family's original party views) Usually age group (fresh new voters and people who are in college tend to become democratic followers while older more experienced people tend to turn to the republican side.) And sadly i forgot the last one. I took notes on it but someone stole my school binder :( Sorry! Hopefully someone else answers it!

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Would creole revolutionaries tend to be democratic or Arthurian?

Creole revolutionaries would tend to lean towards democratic ideals, aiming for more equality and self-governance within their society. The emphasis would be on the inclusion of all citizens in decision-making processes and promoting individual freedoms. Arthurian ideals, on the other hand, typically focus on a single, often authoritarian, leader and may not align with the principles of democracy.

Would creole revolutions tend to be democratic or authoritarian leaders?

no,because creole will fight their ruler for his/her place

Why is western Massachusetts so overwhelmingly Democratic?

The real answer? Because they are rather rich and tend to favor the democratic ideals. It has been part of their culture for a long time.

What kind of voters tend to cluster on the U.S. coasts and around the Great Lakes?

Answer this question… Democratic

What kind of voters tend to cluster around the U.S coasts and around the great lakes?


Name the two main political parties found in the US today?

The two main political parties found in the US today are the Republicans and the Democrats. Members of the Independent Party tend to caucus with the Democrats.

What party do Catholic voters tend to vote for?

It all depends. Usually, the Bishops will encourage Catholics to vote for pro-life. However, there are the liberal Catholics who tend to vote Democratic. Yet, overall, Catholics tend to vote Republican.

Democratic view on the death penalty?

The Democratic Party has no one view on the death penalty. There are many Democrats who are against it and many who are pro death penalty. Democrats tend to have a wider range of views within their own party, while Republicans are more unified in their beliefs, however wrong those tend to be.

Is the state of New York a republican state?

The cities tend to lean more towards the Democrats, while Republicans are more commonplace in rural areas.

Why the Democratic and Republican parties tend to take different positions on efforts to reform election registration laws to enhance voting turnout?

Democrats tend to favor more more government hand outs and amnesty for illegal immigrants. If more of the people who collect these hand outs and illegal immigrants would vote, it would help Democrats win elections.

What party do the large cities tend to support?

Most major cities in the U.S. tend to support the Democratic Party because cities contain larger ethnic minorities that favor social programs. Also in many large cities, such as Boston and Chicago, minorities gained their political power through the local Democratic Party.

How do you say earrings in creole?

In English speaking creole it is 'earring'. No 's' at the end. Or 'earring an' them', or 'earring dem.' We tend to put more words and talk much faster, and to an outsider it sounds confusing, but it's just broken English.There are other types of creole. French influenced, Amerindian, Spanish, and Indo-Carib. I suggest you specify which influence and which island creole you'd like to imitate.For example, patois or creole in Haiti is French influence, but it is VERY different from the patois in the island of Dominica or St. Lucia. And, what people call patois in most of Jamaica is actually just a dialect of broken English with a few other elements.Caribbean creole is very island-specific, so you need to be too. Good luck!