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Q: What would happen if The Intolerable Acts never happened?
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What would happen if the nullification crisis never happened?

It never would have happened, simple as that

What would have happened if the eastern hemisphere had never contacted with one another?

If this would happen somethings would be different such as who knows.

How would it effect us if the space program never happened?

The world zombie appocalaps would happen and it will be the end.

What would happen if the Cold War had never happened?

Something else. It's kind of pointless to ask "what would happen if" in cases like this. You can make up just about anything you like, and who can say if it's correct or not? At the very least, it would depend on WHY the Cold War never happened. If the Cold War never happened because the Russian imperial family successfully suppressed the Bolshevik Revolution, history would have taken one path; if it never happened because the Axis powers won World War II, it would almost certainly have taken a very different one.

Did the story of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror really happen?

No, it never really happened. There would be quite a few things if it did.

What will happen if someone stealed gold from a pyramid?

They would be rich. Some people think that if you steal something fron a pyramid you would get cursed, but this has never happened, so i think nothing will happen

What would happen if battle of thermopylae never happened?

Nothing would have changed, other than today we would not have an interesting story to tell. It had no military or political effect.

What would happen if a collision happened?

an accident would happen... like you mate

What would happen if civil war would never happened?

The north and the south would still be mad at each other and we might have split into two different countries by now.

What would happen if a single party won every seat in the British parliament?

The situation has never happened in the United Kingdom (nor is ever likely to happen), so there is no precedent for such a situation.

What would have happened if the Persian Gulf War never happened?

if it never happened, lots of people would be alive,America would not have hatred on Iraq and there would be no history on the Persian Gulf War

What would happen if a blackout happened?