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This is the set-up to a glurgeriffic story about patriotism or something. The way it usually goes is "they knew if they were caught, they would be executed for treason."

The rest of the story as it's usually told isn't exactly true, or at least is so vague that iit's hard to tell if it's true or not. That aside, the signers were technically committing high treason, and that was indeed a capital offense (punishable at the time by being hanged, drawn, and quartered).

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Q: What would have happen to the signers of the declaration of independence if they were caught?
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What would happen to Canada if they were granted independence?

They already have their independence, they have had their independence since April 17, 1982.

What would happen if we didn't have the Preamble?

Are you talking about the U.S. Constitution, or the Declaration of Independence? In either case, The spirit of what is written in the Preamble would have been integrated in the body of the texts of either document, since it represents both the spirit and directive of the articles in question.

What argument did the authors of the declaration of independence give for declaring colonies free from British control?

they made the colonist fight against the british hey btw i mihgt be wrong but that did happen

How many people signed it and why was brave of them to do so?

Fifty-five men attended the constitutional convention but only 39 signed it. Fifty-five men signed the Declaration of Independence. It was considered brave because of the risk that involved. the delegates sent a petition to king George III earlier to ask for independence. He sent back an answer stating that any more talk of independence and he would hang them. Signing the document might as well have been siging their death sentence. King George III later sent soldiers to attack them which led to the battle of Concord and the Revolutionary War. It was brave to sign the constitution because of what was suppposed to happen. they gathered to ament the Articles of Confederation but threw it out to start over. Nothing of the sort was permitted through the Articles and as well they didnt know how the colonists would react. some people ressented them and some delegates didn't show up for fear of what might happen for creating a new government.

What would happen if you were caught being a spy in the American Revolution War?

If you were a spy during the American Revolution and you were caught, one of two things would happen. You would be tried and found guilty, and then sentenced to hang. If lucky, you were sent aboard a prison ship, but more than likely died of disease while on board. In rare instances, spies were included in prisoner exchanges.

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When did Declaration of Independence of Vietnam happen?

Declaration of Independence of Vietnam happened in 1945.

Where was the declaration of independence happen at?

Philadelphia, PA

When did Declaration of independence happen?

it happend in 1987

In 1774 what important thing happen?

declaration of independence

What year did the women's Declaration of Independence happen?


What happen at the Declaration of Independence?

people sign it people sign it

Although the Declaration of Independence was signed July 4 1776 it took how many years for Americans to gain that freedom?

The Declaration of Independence was not signed on July 4, 1776. The first version was signed only by John Hancock and Charles Thomson. Later, Congress authorized an engrossed copy be made and signed by the members of Congress. This did not happen till August 3, 1776 and even then several of the 56 signers were not present and signed on later days.

Which state did the declaration of independence happen?

It was drafted and signed in Philadelphia, PA during the Continental Congress.

Is there a reason for signing the Declaration of Independence?

The reason that people signed the Declaration of Independence is that they agreed with the statement made by that document, and they wished to demonstrate their support, in the hope that the colonies would become independent (which did happen, as you probably know).

What would happen to men who sign declaration of independence if colonists lost war?

They would at LEAST be hung.

Why is Thomas Jefferson studied today?

Because he was a president who wrote the declaration of independence. If we didn't have it who knows what would happen

What resolution was offered by Richard Henry Lee?

Richard Henry Lee offered the resolution to declare independence and make it happen. His words inspired the beginning and making of the Declaration of Independence. Richard Henry Lee also signed the Declaration.