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The tea tax happened in 1773!!!

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Q: What year did the tea tax happen in?
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What year was the tea tax?

the tea taxes started in 1765

In what year did the Boston colonists boycott the British Tea Act?

1775, right after the tea tax

Is there a tax on tea?

In the US, there is NOOO tax on tea.

British ships sat in Boston harbor for 20 days waiting for what to happen?

tax on the tea to be paid

Why was the colonial protest important?

tax on tea tax on tea

What year did the Boston Tea Party happen?

The Boston Tea Party happened in 1773, when patriots dumped tea into the Boston Harbor.

Who did the Boston Tea Party happen to?

It was done to the British by the colonists. They dressed up as Indians and dumped English tea over the side of the ships in Boston Harbor because they didn't like the tax on tea.

If the tea harvest is bad in a particular year what will happen in the market for coffee Substitute for tea?

Increase price and decreased quantity

Were tax on tea reasonable?

the british put tax on tea cause the colonists were being violent

What was the only tax not repealed as part of the Stamp Act and Townshend Acts?

Taxes on Tea

What is the tea act and when was it?

Originally it was a tax on tea and then the British lowered the tea tax. By doing that they made the cost of the Dutch smugglers tea higher in price. They wanted to stop the smuggling and wanted to keep the monopoly on tea and by bringing down the tax they achieved both things.

Why did the americans hate the tea tax?

It was an expensive tax