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There has always been an electoral vote since the beginning of the United States of America. Such is the election procedure specified in the original Constitution of the United States ratified in 1788.

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Q: What year did they change over from the popular vote to the electoral vote?
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What is the difference between popular vote for a senator and electoral vote vote for president?

the popular vote is by everybody. the electoral vote is by electoral colleges, which not everyone is in

Was bush trying to win electoral or popular vote?

Electoral vote! Evidently the popular vote doesn't count since Gore won the popular vote.

How have the political parties changed the electoral college?

The electoral college now reflects each state's popular vote.

What year was the Electoral College defect of popular vote versus electoral vote illustrated?


What month is the popular vote?

November (The electoral vote is in December.)

Electors are elected by popular vote but the president is elected by?

Electors are elected by popular vote but the president is elected by the electoral college. A president candidate can win the popular vote and still not win if he doesn't win the electoral college.

What does it mean when the Electoral College rubber stamps the popular vote?

It Means that the Electoral College approves the vote

Can you win all electoral votes if you have the popular vote?

Yes. You cannot win all electoral votes without having the popular vote.

What is one proposal that has been made to change the Electoral College system?

One proposal to change the Electoral College system is the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, where states agree to award all their electoral votes to the candidate who wins the national popular vote, regardless of the outcome in their state.

In the Grant elections which vote got Grant in office the overall popular vote or the electoral college vote?

popular vote

What states assign electoral votes by county?

None, but Maine and Nebraska each bases two electoral votes on the popular vote of the state and each additional electoral vote on the popular vote of each congressional district.

Why vote when the electoral college deterimes the outcome?

The popular vote in each state selects the electors who will vote in the Electoral College. The electors are elected by popular vote in each state and each candidate for elector swears in advance whom he will vote for.