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Q: When a group of citizens has a strong influence on public policy its opinion has what quality?
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How does grass-root lobbying influence public policy?

regular citizens

Who does grass roots lobbying allow to influence public policy?

Regular citizens

Can the media influence policymakers?

In the US and certainly among many other nations, the news media has a strong influence on policy makers and the citizens can be influenced by the media as well. When the citizens views, measured either by elections or opinion polls is made clear, it will effect policy makers. The media can influence both the government and the public as well. The fact is that in modern nations, there are so many issues at stake, what is or what is not important is often lost in the numerous events and issues all going on at the same time.

How does civic participation primarily influence the political process in the US?

it influences policy by making citizens wishes clear it makes the political process more democratic by having citizens voice their concerns

How do citizens both individually and collectively influence government policy?

by staying out of trouble.staying out of jail.respecting the law.being good to your world.

What are the ways in which government policy has been shaped and set by the influence of political parties interest groups lobbyists the media and public opinion with emphasis on Military Policy?

no you have answer?

What factors limit the influence of public opinion on the policy choices of government officials?

Influence on public opinion can be limited by how informed voters are. Even though what the people think is heard, officials do not take it as a final decision. As a nation we trust elected officials to make the right choice. Americans can also have opinions that are against the truths of an issue. For example, environmentalists pay closer attention to laws that affect our environment.

Complete the table too summarize how linkage institutions influence public policy or public opinion?

New communication technologies and advances in social media have profoundly influenced how citizens routinely acquire political information, including news events, investigative journalism, election coverage, and political commentary.

When was Citizens' Advisory Council on National Space Policy created?

Citizens' Advisory Council on National Space Policy was created in 1980.

How does social factors influence education policy?

Social factors can influence education policy by shaping the priorities, values, and demands of society. For instance, issues like inequality, poverty, or cultural diversity can steer policymakers to address specific social needs in education. Furthermore, social movements and public opinion can also impact policy decisions through advocacy and pressure on policymakers.

What limits the impact opinion of public policy?

the interest of the minority

What is n editorial?

An editorial is a piece of writing in a newspaper, magazine, or online publication that expresses the opinion of the publication on a particular topic. It often reflects the stance of the publication's editorial board and is meant to influence public opinion or policy.