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The public and government.

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Q: When a judge is nominated who is responsible for the final approval?
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Does the president need senate approval when he picks a federal judge or ambassador?

if he like he can and if he dont like

One of the NAACPs greatest political triumphs occurred in 1930 with the?

The defeat of a racist judge nominated for the Supreme Court.

Who were the three Supreme Court Justices nominated by President Reagan?

Reagan nominated:Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who began serving in September of 1981 and retired in 2006. She was confirmed by a vote of 99-0.Justice Antonin Scalia, who began serving in September of 1986Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, who began serving in February of 1988 and is still on the bench. Confirmed 97-0.Reagan also nominated Judge Robert Bork in July 1987, but his nomination was defeated, first in committee, and then 42-58 in the Senate.

Who were the top government officials in the Roman Republic and what were their duties?

The top officials were the two annually elected consuls. They were heads of the city and the army. Originally they were quite like kings, except that there were two of them and their term of office was short. Their powers were undefined and therefore limitless. They also proposed laws which were then presented to the popular assemblies, for voting and and they conducted trials. They also presided over the proceedings popular assemblies Over time their remit became more limited as other officers of state were created with specialist tasks. For example, the praetor took over judicial matters. The republic did not have a centralised government like a cabinet or administration. The various types of officers of state acted independently within the remit of their offices.

What does the president appoint with the senates approval?

The President can make treaties with foreign nations with the advice and consent of the Senate. He can also make appointments to certain high government positions and judgeships, but those probably aren't "created" the way treaties are created.

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Are Oscars nominated by scenes in a movie?

No. The whole movie is nominated. Sometimes they just show scenes of the nominated movies, or with nominated actors, but they view and judge the whole movie.

Do you already have to be a judge to be nominated a supreme court justice?

No, you do not have to be a judge to be nominated as a Supreme Court justice. While many nominees have a background in the judiciary, such as serving as a federal judge or a judge at the state level, it is not a requirement. Presidents have also nominated individuals with backgrounds in politics, academia, or private practice for the position. Ultimately, the president has the authority to nominate individuals who they believe are qualified for the role.

Who chooses an appellate court judge?

They are nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate.

Is a lawyer judge or jury responsible for interpretation of the law?


Is a divorce final when it is signed by the judge or when it is filed by the clerk?

A divorce is final when the judge signs the final divorce decree. Most of the time the clerk gets the filing done on the same day but if not, it is final the second the judge signs the documents.

What role does the president play in the judicial system that must have the senate's approval?

the judge

What if president appoints a supreme court judge the senate may do what?

vote for approval

Why was Stanley Kubrick nominated for worst director in the Razzie Awards?

He refused to suck the judge's dick.

In Texas is a divorce final if the judge and both particpants have not signed the final dissolution document?

No, if the judge has not signed the final dissolution petition the marriage has not legally been dissolved.

How are supreme court justices selected?

the president appoints them and the congress questions them

How do you get approval to use the name Chuck Norris?

AnswerA lot of paperwork and approval from a judge. Also, some fun side charges.To put it simply, you don't.

What are Dairy Queen's hiring policies?

You have a be sworn in by the Judge of the Dairy Quart, after you are nominated by all the milkmaids of the world.